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About Laura Martin

I'm Laura Martin. I get excited about all things cat related. I love my two cats - Dom and Kitty. When I'm not playing with my two feline friends, you can probably find me hiking. And yes, I have a 9 to 5 job. Although if you asked me I'd rather spend my time blogging and educating other cat moms and dads about what it takes to raise a healthy cat.

Best Food for Ragdoll Cats

The best food for Ragdoll cats provides complete nutrition, helps keep your cat’s glorious coat shiny, and reduces the chances ...

Best Cat Food for Bengals

To pick the best cat food for Bengals, you must understand what a healthy diet for any cat looks like. ...

Best Cat Food for Maine Coon

Finding the best cat food for Maine Coon may seem a daunting task, especially as the market is rolling out ...

Best Cat Food for Sphynx

Cat diet is a charged topic, with many different opinions circulating. However, like any other cat parent, all you want ...

Best Cat Food for Outdoor Cats

The best cat food for outdoor cats is picking a meal matching your cats’ dietary needs and budget. It is ...

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